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West5Products Black Heart Design

No bathroom is complete without some of
these small and bright rubber ducks (yes they do float!). With their
heart melting expression they are the most delightful characters you
will ever have in your bath. For an alternative home consider having as
your desk buddy. They can even be used as stress busters by squeezing
but one look at the duck and your stress will evaporate and the duck
will breath a sigh of cute relief.

Key Points

H 6cm, L 7cm (note measurements - these
are small ducks)

Use in bathroom or as a desk buddy.

Does not have a squeaker

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West5Products Black Heart Design Features

  • Fun Rubber Duck in colour shown in picture
  • Small in size, huge in character
  • Use in bath or on office desk as a desk buddy
  • H 6cm x L 7cm
  • Duck supplied loose and not in retail packaging


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