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Bath Toy Bag Xtra Large Size

Xtra-Large Bath Toy Storage Bag By FOOTPRINT DIRECT, Brilliant Value Bath Toy Bag (Toys are for illustration purposes only and are not included.) As all parents know, children love to play with lots of different toys. It's important to find a safe place to store them as they could be a potential trip hazard if left on the floor, but with space often at a premium it's not always an easy task. The Extra Large Bath Toy Bag can be easily attached to the side of the bath or to smooth tiles using the suction cups, and it keeps all of your little one's toy things in one place, for the next bathtime fun. Size 50 cm x 30 cm approx. Fully Washable Material Simply ensure that both surfaces are wet prior to securing the suckers.

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Bath Toy Bag Xtra Large Size Features

  • Xtra Large size 50cm x 30cm approx
  • Washable and durable toy store net bag
  • Helps to keep toys tidy, drained and ready for use next time
  • Attaches to the side of the bath or to smooth tiles with strong suction cups


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