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TOMY Turtle Tots Bathtime Fun

For mums wanting their baby’s to have fun in the bath and gift givers wanting to give a good present, Aqua Fun brings fun and humour to bath time, with quirky toys that simply bring fun to bath time, for both parent and child.

Turtle Tots Bath Time fun includes mummy turtle with four cute turtle tots. The turtle tots sucker onto the mummy turtle's shell, as well as all around the side of the bath or shower. They also squirt water to add to the bath time fun. Take off mummy turtle's shell to reveal four pouring cup legs in bright colours, each leg with a different type of pourer. Remove the legs to pour and shower water, then have fun shape-sorting them back into place to tidy away.

Suitable for ages 12 months+.

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TOMY Turtle Tots Bathtime Fun Features

  • Age: 12months+
  • No assembly required
  • HWD: 28 x 30 x 8cm
  • Exclusively available online


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