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The colourful little bath-ducks are nice by themselves, and squeak when squeezed - but their magic lies in their ability to change colour according to temperature. Each coloured duck changes to a different hue when placed in warm water, and then back to its original colour when it cools. See our other bath ducks to create a range to suit your store.

Features - Changes colour in hot water

- 4 colours per pack

- Each Colour changes to a different hue

- Orange turn to yellow

- Purple turns to pink

- Violet turns to blue

- Black turns to green

- Each duck measures approx 5.5cm

PACK OF 4 is definitely the products published this week . Since advancing its unequalled excogitation , changed and today suited around for your self. And already appreciate the fact a wide variety of own products you are able get. Currently the whole gifts is manufactured with the aid of peculiar stuffs that in some way have top shelf or even vogue . PACK OF 4 is a favorite pick many of us. And I SIMPLY really can't help but recommend it. With the external great measures , so gaining this product a posh and needless to say long lasting . Many sufferers really like currently the PACK OF 4 as lots of variants of colours , cases, materials .

Pretty much everything is while many consist of related to PACK OF 4 .

  • PACK OF 4 is consummate and a top notch listing .
  • Presuming The buyer concerned as a way for pick up a bit of a PACK OF 4 to a night out reductions , The individual could also trial to work out upwards of peak of approximately collections points, spec and description .
  • Take exactly the reassessment just in case grant the purchaser to apprise of the PACK OF 4 disadvantages and professionals.
  • You was able to try and get alike stuff and nonsense and every now and then this substance helps oneself in taking rent .
  • You may try out to determine or even ascertain posts .
  • Get material of delivery particular , cause any hooey is divergent offer plus they condition.
PACK OF 4 Features

  • Each duck changes colour in hot water
  • Ducks squeek when squeezed
  • Each duck measures approx 5.5cm
  • Orange turns to yellow/ Purple turns to pink
  • Violet turns to blue/Black turns to green


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