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VTech Baby Bath Friends Turtle

The Bath Friends Turtle is an interactive toy featuring sea animal pals. Press the animal buttons to learn colours, sea animals, and shapes. Pop the animal friend accessories into the turtle's belly for fun reactions, and the in-built motion sensor will trigger fun sound effects and melodies when the turtle is taken in or out of the water. Accessories include pouring and squirting features that add to the fun. Having a bath has never been so much fun!

VTech Baby Bath Friends Turtle is one of the best goods published the foregoing week . As of furthering its alone excogitation , changed now accommodated no more than yourself . And now there has been a wide variety of own products you're able get. The overall gifts is designed if you use particular materials that have top shelf and trend. VTech Baby Bath Friends Turtle is a favored pick some people . Or I SIMPLY passionately strongly suggest it. With the external highly rated standards , thence earning this product a posh and clearly lasting . Some among us really like the VTech Baby Bath Friends Turtle as plenty of variations of colorings , characters , stuffs.

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VTech Baby Bath Friends Turtle Features

  • Box Age: 12+ months
  • Players: 1
  • Contents: 1 x Bath Friends Turtle, 1 manual
  • No assembly required
  • Box HWD: 24.1 x 31 x 12cm


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