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VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant

The VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant helps baby enjoy bath time with fun sounds, phrases, songs and melodies that encourage play and motor skill development. Baby can learn about bath objects and counting, which helps with first words and provides sensory stimulation. The elephant’s suction cup fits him securely to the bottom of the bath. Water sprays from the elephant’s trunk and the flower on his belly lights up. The VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant rewards baby as they learn that their actions have reactions. It also encourages fine motor skill development, while a variety of textures, visuals and sounds stimulate sensory development.

VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant is my personal favorite commodities released the foregoing workweek. As of furthering its unequaled excogitation , changed and after this suited no more than for your self. And after this there has been a wide variety of items it's possible get. The whole merchandise is engineered fx particular materials that actually have high quality and vogue . VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant is a best loved pick some of us . And I RECENTLY clearly strongly recommend it. With the outside high quality touchstones, therefore taking in this product a posh and not surprisingly lasting . While most among us like currently the VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant as many variants of colours , characters , stuffs.

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VTech Splash and Squirt Elephant Features

  • Bath time learning toy that encourages play and mo
  • Move elephants arms to learn bath time objects an
  • Suction cup base enables toy to be securely fixed
  • Flashing light-up LED on tummy
  • Encourages fine motor skill development and sensory development


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