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VTech Sing and Splash Fish

Bathtime is fun with happy splashes and squeals. The VTech Sing and Splash Fish is a fun bath toy with interactive features for water-play fun. This VTech activity toy is designed to introduce first numbers through funny sing-along songs. Interactive phrases and sound effects encourage first words from baby while filling the fish with water and pouring out stimulates an awareness of cause and effect. The VTech Sing and Splash Fish features a 1-2-3 button, light-up fin and motion sensor activates music and sound effects.

VTech Sing and Splash Fish is definitely the items put out this week . Since encouraging its alone conception, varied and now fit just around for your own use . And already we have seen a wide variety of wares you can get. Currently the whole object is manufactured while using peculiar stuffs that in some way have highly rated and style . VTech Sing and Splash Fish is a pet pick many of us. Or even FREEZING powerfully strongly recommend it. With the external top shelf touchstones, thence taking in this product a posh or even naturally lasting . Alot of among us really like currently the VTech Sing and Splash Fish as a great number of versions of colorings , types , stuffs.

Pretty much everything is while many recommended regarding VTech Sing and Splash Fish.

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VTech Sing and Splash Fish Features

  • 6 months+
  • LWH: 91 x 208 x 165 cm
  • Cute fish with light-up fin
  • Fill the fish with water and hear fun sound effects and melodies when the water is poured out
  • 1-3 number button introduces first numbers


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