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Munchkin Sea Turtles (Pack of 3)

3 interactive turtle bath toys that float on water - so your little fish can go swimming with the big guys. It's the little things. Features: Looking for a bath toys to engage baby's sense of sight, sound and touch? This trio of easy-to-grasp floating turtles is sure to do just that. In bright yellow, green and blue, each turtle is its own interactive bath toy: the rolly ball turtle spins for fun, the mirror turtle shows baby his sweet, smiling face, and the rattle turtle stimulates his auditory sense. Captivating colors and sounds stimulate little senses and keep baby busy while you get him squeaky clean. - 3 pack includes 3 floating turtles - bright yellow, green and blue - Each turtle toy has a unique, fun feature: rolly ball, mirror and rattle - Bold colors, spinning balls and rattles help develop baby's senses simultaneously - 12+ months.

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Munchkin Sea Turtles (Pack of 3) Features


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