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Mebby Bath Toy Store (Green and Orange)

This beautiful Italian designed Mebby Green and Orange coloured Bath Toy/Product Store is the ideal storage solution to all your baby's or children's bath time fun. Simply scoop the toys or products into the inner liner with holes that will drain all the water from them, once bath time is over. It then stores all of your children's toys or even adults shampoos and conditioners into the inner liner. Place the inner liner into the outer liner (without holes) to simply store all the toys without dripping water from the outer liner. This will then drain all the water from the toys or products allowing them to dry before the next time you use them. The Bath Toy Store is designed to solve two problems at once. It has a great storage capacity and is the perfect solution for holding bath toys, bath products and much more. Great for educational purposes, you can count the number of toys with your baby/child to go back into the bath toy store. It is also available in three other stunning colours, Ice Blue & Warm Grey, Cream and Mint and Orange & Fuschia. They also match the Cocoon Baby Bath identically with all these colours. These products are beautifully designed in Italy.

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