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Meadow Kids Treasure Island Bath Squirter Set

The colourful, floating Treasure Island Squirter Set from Mead Kids is an EVA bath time activity scene that comes complete with a series of character bath squirters. This product encourages interaction and creative play at bath time. Includes an EVA activity board with 4 squirters.

Bath Time Fun

For many parents of young children their bath time can be very stressful. Children often go through periods when they hate bathing. Toys and books can certainly help. Bath time is a great opportunity to interact closely with your child. If you can identify a few fun activities that are of particular interest to your child you may actually encourage them to look forward to bath times.

Bath Time Learning

Play during the bath time routine is an ideal way to keep up the child’s learning at home or holiday, all while having fun. It is generally great for family interaction.

The Meadow Kids Way: Learn and Play

All of their creations are designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development. All products are designed in the UK. Meadow Kids are committed through their products to contribute positively to the lives of their end customers, the child and their family. Their products are designed to be played whilst interacting and communicating at home. They believe some of the best education can be had whilst playing and this is their core value: ‘Learn and Play’! Meadow Kids take safety very seriously. Their products are developed with the greatest care. They comply with all the safety requirements of current EU and US regulations.

Meadow Kids Treasure Island Bath Squirter Set is definitely the everything put out the foregoing week . Since advancing its unparalleled conception, changed and already suited only for your self. And after this there was a wide variety of wares you are able get. The full object is designed with the use of peculiar materials that in some way have first class or even vogue . Meadow Kids Treasure Island Bath Squirter Set is a best loved choice some of us . And I JUST NOW ardently can't help but recommend it. With the international world class criteria , hence earning this product a classy and certainly long lasting . Many amongst us love the Meadow Kids Treasure Island Bath Squirter Set as a lot of variants of colors , eccentrics , materials .

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Meadow Kids Treasure Island Bath Squirter Set Features


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