Sabtu, 03 Januari 2015

Little Tikes Bath Band

Little Tikes bath products combine bath time fun with learning and development! A fun musical tub toy to make bath time more enjoyable, kids will have a blast in the tub with this seaside Bath Band!Features:
Turtle can stick on the side of the tub or float in the water
Eight sea creatures
1-Whale whistle
1-Starfish tambourine
1-Octopus water squirter
1-Blowfish maraca
1-Clam castanet
1-Turtle drum
2-Seahorse drum sticks
All instruments store inside the turtle drum

Suitable for ages 18 months +

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Little Tikes Bath Band Features

  • Lots of sea creatures to make a song or sing along
  • Includes whale whistle, shark guiro, starfish tamb
  • Instruments can be stored inside the drum of the t


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