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Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy

Established in 1983, edushape LTD., is a leading manufacturer of Educational toys and games for toddlers to second graders. During 1999 edushape entered to a new phase of developing unique and exciting new products for infants and toddlers under the age of 3 years. This new and enhanced section is all based upon the unique materials in which edushape is specialized. As always, these products have been carefully developed, manufactured and selected by a team of professional educators and marketers. edushape-s products are pleasant to touch, colorful, color-fast, non-toxic and eye-catching. Over the years, edushape remains committed to producing high quality toys. All our toys and games meet all international safety requirements (CE, ASTM standards) mandatory for toys. One of the best things about being young is discovery. edushape is continually looking for and selecting toys that offer the greatest opportunity for creative play and learning. Children learn through seeing, hearing, touching and movement as well as fantasy role-playing and creativity. Because of this, we offer fun, innovative toys that will encourage children in these endeavors.

  • Toss the letters into the water attach the bait cast your line and see what you catch.
  • Various games to encourage hand-eye coordination creativity team work and language and spelling skills.
  • Age: 3 and Up.

  • Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy is my personal favorite merchandise published this workweek. As of boosting you'll find it unequaled invention , altered and accommodated just around on your own . And already there have been a wide variety of items you are able get. Currently the whole collections is made with the aid of special materials that basically have quality or even vogue . Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy is a best loved choice some of us . Or even I RECENTLY solidly recommend it. With the international first rate measures , therefore gaining this product a posh and not surprisingly durable . While many people love currently the Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy as a multitude of versions of colours , types , stuffs.

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    • Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy is masterful and a high quality stock .
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    Edushape Fish 'n' Spell Bath Toy Features


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